Xylene to remove sealer

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Has anyone used Xylene to remove sealer? We were told that is what to use.


email me for

email me for tricks...

The sealer is water based.

The sealer is water based. The company we bought it from said to spread sheets soaked with Xylene on the floor, let set for 15 minutes, then pull up. My husband said it didn't work that well, and he is just spraying Xylene on the concrete and letting it set a few minutes, then wiping it up. This in an interior surface. He had the windows opened.

We noticed that some of the stain is coming up in places. Just a few spots though. Should we continue with the Xylene? If so, can we spot stain where the stain came up some. We are going to try and lighten the stain anyway with Muriatci Acid cut with water, 20:1.

After getting the sealer up and lightening the stain and neutralizing we are thinking of resealing it with Decopoxy. Would that be good? Is that solvent based?


Solvents listed in order of

Solvents listed in order of strength, solvents at the top are the strongest:

Laquer Thinner
Finger Nail Polish Remover
Adhesive Cleaners and removers
Contact Cement Solvent

Xylene is way down on the list! Some people think Xylene solves all their problems.

The Xylene is actually

The Xylene is actually working pretty good. It is working better than the adhesive remover we were using. The adhesive remover gets gummy sometimes. We prefer the liquid type remover than the gel. It does stink though. We can only do a small section at a time.

Is RemovAll liquid or is it a gel? How does it work?


the sheet trick works. The

the sheet trick works. The mistake you are making is the wait time. Let the xzylene dry. What is happening here is the xzylene is melting the sealer. The sheet soaks it up, drys in the sheet. And you rip it off pulling the majority of the sealer. If you don't let it dry then it will not work.

Thank you for the tip using

Thank you for the tip using the sheets and xylene. The Direct Colors place said to only let it set for 10 or 15 minutes. Another one of their mistakes. Their stain is good, but nothing else it seems.