What is Polished Concrete?

What is Polished Concrete? It is a concrete beautification system that started as a solution for industrial concrete floors problems and evolved into a medium that has metamorphosed itself into one the fasted growing additions to the Decorative Concrete realm. Polished concrete offers solutions and low maintenance, no wax, no sealers, it's all done during the process. The technology behind polishing concrete has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few years adding more advanced equipment, coloring options such as dyes and stains and of course the polishing diamond themselves have become state of the art.

Polished concrete produces a high gloss finish that does not need wax or sealers, it is almost maintenance free and provide beautiful floors on any setting, commercial, residential, industrial or institutional.

The one thing that garners the most attention after the looks themselves is the durability of polished concrete floors and their low maintenance. It is no wonder that more and more commercial properties such as malls, restaurants, and offices are opting for polished concrete floors instead of tile, linoleum or carpet. The evolution of polished concrete is such that it went from an application exclusive to industrial floors 15 years ago to penetrating the residential market. As homeowners become more familiar and more educated about the process, they want it in their homes, this is greatly helped by the equipment manufacturing companies that have come up with smaller, more compact and lower cost equipment so it is not inclusive to large contractors anymore, now the smaller companies are finding quite a niche into this industry and reaping the benefits of its emerging popularity.

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