Vertical Overlays

Within the Concrete Overlay family we also find one of the fastest growing segments of the overlay industry: Vertical Overlays, these overlays are designed to be applied vertically without sagging and with the ability to be shaped into beautiful stone like textures, shells, block, brick and many other forms, some may be applied as thin as a 1/8" and up to 1.5" to create very life like deep textures.

Vertical overlays may be applied to many surfaces including concrete, drywall, wood, brick, and concrete blocks. Most overlay materials also provide extra insulation and more soundproofing.

Installation procedures vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer but the common thread is that most mixes can be textured with stamping mats and or carved in the desired shape or form. As with most decorative concrete products the possibilities are endless, stamps come in hundreds of designs and experienced artisan can trowel the product on and then crave it by hand and achieve a very natural looking texture.



What are the benefits of vertical overlays?

Vertical overlays may be applied to a great variety of substrates, they can be textured and designed to satisfy every taste and the installation is much faster and the cost is far below than that of natural stone. These are only a few of the benefits of vertical overlays, they also offer the project owner the possibility to choose color, texture, design and the ability to participate in the planning and creation of their own masterpiece without having to rely on on the limitations of an existing product 

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