Stamped Concrete Chipping and Hairline Cracking -- Solutions?

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We had a stamped concrete patio and walkway installed in late October in Northeastern Ohio less than two years ago.  The day after it was installed it snowed lightly and the following Spring the patio and walkway had a lot of areas where the very top layer was chipped off and hairline cracking throughout (see attached pictures from August 2016).  The contractor said he had no idea what would have caused this issue.  I am sure this is not true after reading other posts and since he has been doing this work for 20 years.  He said he would come back recolor and reseal but has not (this was a year ago) and we have not heard from him since.  We would like to find a contractor who can repair this properly but I am not sure what questions to ask and what (if anything) can be done.  Any suggestions and solutions would be greatly appreciated.