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Hi Again,

While I'm researching sealers and trying samples, I thought I could go ahead and grout the tile cuts. Should I seal before or after grouting or one coat before and one coat afterwards.

Also, one of the designs I'm staining on a landing requires a very light beige with the black and rust. Do you folks recommend the semi transparent stains as they seem to have a good variety of colors. I did a test and it looks pretty good just not sure about the durability. I have not found a true acid stain that will come off light beige/tan on my particular pour. They want to turn orange. Adding green helps but there's a definite underlying green tone to the stain.

Thank you again.


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most of the tan stuff I have

most of the tan stuff I have done had kinda orangy look to it but after a few weeks it browns out.

try a few of real light coats with grey cone tip just enuff to wet the surface make sure you get it even because you will not have room for error going real light here is a pic of malay tan stain 3 real light coats. It had not very much color at all when I stained it was very light but it was an apartment so I let it ride when I returned to rewax it looked like this it matured out into one of the best looking floors I have done.

hope this helps

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Lindy A.
You need to apply at least

You need to apply at least one coat before grouting or you will not be able to clean the excess grout off (residues from it will get into the porous/unsealed decorative surface you created. After grouting, with any excess grouting residues removed, you can apply more coats of sealer.

By the way, what type of grout are you planning on using ... personally I prefer the non-biodegradable, non-shrinking, urethane grouts/caulks, ideal for interior or exterior use, that are available in several colors (Sonniborn NP1 available at Sherwin Williamns commercial store locations or Sika-Flex).

Lindy A.