Pier and Beam

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I just bought a house and it has a Pier and Beam foundation. I would love to do acid stained concrete but was wondering if I could in reality do this. Is it possible to pour a thin layer of concrete on the existing subfloor(it is a brick subfloor)? Does anyone have experience with this or know of a solution?

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First, the integrity and

First, the integrity and stability of the subfloor should be inspected by a professional.

If it is deemed in good condition and stable, it could be overlaid by a skilled person, having a working knowledge as to the reinforcement required over your particular substrate. Over wood surfaces (pier beam floors) a open diamond weave pattern metal lathe is attached and encapsulated with modified cementitious overlayment restrict movement and for reinforcing ... brick subfloor would be more entailed due to the number individual bricks, condition of mortor, etc.

If you were able to get it "professionally overlayed and properly reinforced to restrict substrate movement," than after completion you could apply acid stain, seal, and wax.

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