iron sulfate

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I'm about to do some samples to try and match some sidewalks that are already stained with iron sulfate. Initially, I was going to use acid-stains but why not just use iron sulfate.This is a big project(all sidewalks and driveways in development)--37 houses. Probably 4000 sq. ft. of sidewalk around entrance already stained(unsealed). About to do first 4 drives/walks next week. So my question is, is there anything I need to know that would affect the outcome differently than acid stain. Same procedures? I'm very experienced with acid and dyes just haven't used copperas. They want all of the new work sealed. Anyone familiar with iron sulfate/copperas? What is a mid-shade mix ratio? Don't want to find something out 4 houses later.

Also, isn't it for lawns? It shouldn't kill the grass, right?

Thanks in advance.