How to reduce high gloss of PAP (polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea)

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Lindy A.

 Are you a concrete countertop fabricator seeking a high performance sealer that will will provide the level of protective shield in relation to foreign matter staining and etching resistance (organic and inorganic matter), 300F heat resistance, will remain glass clear on interior/exterior countertop and other hardscape surfaces (ideal for indoor or outdoor kitchens areas) subjected to full UV rays of the sun and in harsh/challenging climate & environmental conditons, has 4 x 5 times higher wear/abrasion resistance than that of a 100% solids/industrial epoxy, additonal plus factor being that PAP (that of Flexmar Coatings) meets the sanitary surfacing criteria of the USDA & FDA (VOC free, low odor, shipped as non-hazardous material) ...if so, but the reason that you have not applied PAP on concrete countertops in the past is that your and your customers don't want the high gloss associated with PAP's  there is a proven method (solution) to reduce the high gloss of PAP ...

Apply automotive polishing compound on the dry/cured out PAP (wait approximately 5-6 hours after final coat has dried to do so; dry time is usually 1 hour, all the way down to -30F) ...then use a polishing bonnet on a orbital and held electric car wax buffer ... you can easily take the high gloss down to a satin (or even a matte) finish following this procedure.  In doing so you are making micro-fine abrasions on the PAP that you can't see with your eye; but, will reduce the gloss in a very effective manner. (DO NOT use automobile rubbing compound, it is too aggressive)

If you want to reduce the high gloss of PAP on decorative concrete floors (of course they must be a smooth substrate, not a textured or stamped one) then apply fine finishing compound that marble & terrazzo refinishers use then go over floor with standard floor buffer with buffing pad.   Another method is to use a low speed floor buffer with a black pad over the surface then follow with a white pad (I have been told that this will degloss the sealer (PAPs and aliphatic urethanes as well). 

You will find me readily available if you have any questions or concerns about PAP's, the application of them, coverages, etc feel free to drop me an email message for my prompt response based on hands-on experience and over 30 years of high performance coatings/sealers expertise.