countertops made of wood and polishable overlay???

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so ive been in the concrete scene for about 8 years now. ive spent 6 of them pouring driveways and house walls nothing out of the ordinary. i became verrry interested in countertops and such and decided to find another job to pursue the decorative side of things. so i am currently working for a small company as a foreman doing mainly decorative overlays and garage floor coatings. meanwhile this great idea struck me... people seem to be scared of concrete countertops (around here at least in eastern iowa) i talk to various homeowners daily and just look to get input on the subject with the same results... "they will probably crack and they are very expensive" so i got to thinking maybe there is a way to make a top at a lower cost and also with a little more strength (flexural strength that is). so i went to menards and grabbed a small piece of 3/4" mdf  and covered it with some ppg megaseal primer sealer that i had left over from a project at my house. i then took and laced play sand into the epoxy that was on the board. i went to carrol distributing and got ahold of a product that l and m construction chemicals makes called durafloor. it is a self leveling polishable overlay. so then i layed my hard as a rock mdf board on another piece of plywood and formed up around the perimeter with some thin melamine and mixed up the durafloor and added some of my black pigment i had left over from when i was expermenting with blue concretes products. i poured it in (about 1/4" thick) and left it sit for 2 days. after that i opened it up with a 50 grit dry pad and continued to polish and seal with the ict system from blue not being real picky it was just an experiment. to make a long story short i believe this could work and work well. this thing had one hell of a shine that i could about see myself in. its gotta be very stain resistant with the polymers that are already in the durafloor combined with the sealing system... and the best part is this thing was 4 foot wide so i propped it up on both edges and stood on it. i could see it flexing with really no visible stress cracks resulting. i made the 2x4 sample for about 20 bucks so that puts it at about 2.50 per square foot in materials (not counting sealing) which would probly not push it over 6 bucks i wouldnt think. so i guess for a closing statement i think i have found a way combining my concrete and decorative overlay experience along with the desire to make nice countertops to produce an affordable and durable polished concrete countertop.  thank you!