Concrete Art FX, Concord ON is a FRAUD!

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Hello everyone, last week I found Concrete Art FX posting on another forum and to my surprise I found my hard earned work plastered all over his website. I asked him to not use my work with no response. I messaged him and no response. I called his business and no call back. Now I see Concrete Art FX posting in DCF. 


So now I have to take matters into my own hands and expose this hack on this forum. I would hope any other professional collegue reading this will voice your outrage by replying to this post, by private messaging him through this forum and by sending him an email to his site


Here is 1 screen shot proving my work on his site. I see many other pics on there that are obviously not his as well. Please check to see if he's using your work.

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Lindy A.
Obviously it is shocking to

Obviously it is shocking to see your work showcased on the website of another contractor that implies by being there that they were the creator of it ... not returning your email message or phone calls is very troubling as well.  At the very least, the photo image of a Garage & Beyond Floor (specifically the one that you have brought to everyone's attention) should have been removed the moment you put him on notice that it "you were the contractor created this spectacular floor and that you were demanding it be removed from their website).  

I wonder though if Concrete Art Fix was aware it was your job ... I happen to know that a producer of the metallic dust has accumulated a great many photos of contractors jobs like yours that are using their metallic dust in the Epoxies of numerous manufactuers and/or supply houses (I believe the Epoxy companies that supply the contractors are sending photos of spectacular floors to the metallic dust producer/producers to sort of say "look what some our our customers/contractors have created using your metallic dusts and our Epoxies," who knows if they devulge who the names of the contractors that created the floors or not when they send these photos).  When a contractor, epoxy manufacturer, or supply house asks for photos image examples of metallic dusts in Epoxy, the metallic dust company send them photos (doubt reference is made as to who the creator/contractor ewho did the work or whose Epoxy was used).  The contractor or Epoxy manufacturer/supplier that sees the photos are awed by them, so since they have no applications of their own to show examples of what can be done using metallic dust & epoxy they call the producer/supplier of the metallic dust to ask if they can use a few of the photos on their website that were sent to them by these metallic dust producers/provides to (some that I know of have been told yes, you can use them, but this could have been done by anyone at these companes); so these contractors/companies/suppliers or possibly even architecturs/designers that were sent the photos use them. This is of course WRONG (not to get permission for use by the contractor that actually created the surface ... no one should be giving out photos of work that was created by another, but this is going on, therefore everyone should watermark their photos and put their supplier on notice the that their photos are NOT to GIVEN out to ANYBODY without contractor that created the surfaces writen permission nor be shown on anyone besides the creating contractors website, this includes these photos in anyones brochures, websites, trade related/interactive forums, etc without the contractors name appearing under the photo as the creator of the surface.

Concrete Fix FX may have received permission from someone (either an Epoxy manufacturer/supplier or the company that provided them with metallic dust) to use the photo (when they were provide with it as an example of what could be done using their material); but, however he got his hands on the photo there is no excuse for not removing it, failure to respond to your email and phone call, apologizing to you personally, and his disclosing as to how this all took place (ie: the chain of events that put the photo in his hands). The momemt you first notified him that it was your photo it should have been removed/taken down from his website and everywhere it has appeared "immediately." 

Your work Fernando is something that many aspire to be proficient at creating themselves due its vibrant beauty, classic charm, custom designs, and attention to detail ... I know that I have been in "awe" of it for years ... using the images of your creations says a great deal as to how others covent and admire your work, but it is deceptive, dishonorable, and just wrong.


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Thats has to be the worst

Thats has to be the worst feeling seeing your work on someone elses page. Sorry to hear what your going through. I hope it all works out for you.



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Lindy A.
Fernando gave the man a shot

Fernando gave the man a shot to make it right ... he's a good man who extended his hand, requesting that his photo be removed from this contractor sight in a polite way to being with ... it has been several days with his photo being on this other companies website without a word being heard in spite of his calls and email mail messages (we talked about this issue on the phone) ... he (Fernando) has always been a "helping hand man" as to sharing his insights and experience with other contractors (on the DCF, by phone, email, and in person), as well his devotion to promoting of the decorative concrete and decorative/epoxy coatings industy in the best possible light (making the pie bigger for us all though his inspiring decorative concrete creations and business's integrity); this guy doesn't know the war zone he has brought down on himself by ignoring the request he made to take his photo off this other contractors website (this guy needs to come out of the woods, wave the white flag, apologize, remove the photo, and hope that wrath he has brought about by not removing the photo promptly will not result in the type of fallout that will stain the image of business and its future. 

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Found some more hacks! This

Found some more hacks!

This guy claims to have done my floors in NYC!

Then there is the one in Australia that basically uses almost all my work on his site.

My floor was also done in Russia too!!!

Man I get around. I didn't know my work would be so internationally popular.

Make some $$ off this. Sell

Make some $$ off this. Sell them rights to you pics.

This is disgracefull. BTW, just dont look at my site OK

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Apparently I'm not the only

Apparently I'm not the only guy who thinks thinks this guy is a weasel. Here is a review I just found

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Lindy A.
Man you are a jet setter guy

Man you are a jet setter guy Fernando ... a world traveler and international contractor.  Obviously your images (photos) are being highjacked ... am sure you are hot on the trail of who is behind this, good luck in resolving the issue and exposing all those that are guilty of this type of plageristic bahavior.  You have documented those that are seeking to elude to your work being theirs (what is worse is that you have probably only seen the tip of the iceburg).  When the offenders attempt to actually walk the walk (not merely show off and talk the talk) the property owners will fall victim since they will NOT be able to re-create it with your attention to detail and high level of expertise that demonstates pride in workmanship, customer satisfaction, and true/lasting value ... the ugly image in the eye of all those that behold these "hacks" work is a stain on our industry through no fault of our own and has us all playing defense due to the offenses of those who's work is inferior.

LIndy A.

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You know, what really burns

You know, what really burns me is that these people have been caught in a fraud and we are basically witnessesto a crilme or seeing itdevelop beforeourvery eyes. Unsuspecting customers are being led to believethattheseCompaniescan createsuchresults.They will fail and essentiallysteal people'shard earned money. I hope people catch on to these frauds

Wow nice! Mind if I use them

Wow nice! Mind if I use them too? Just kidding. It must feel pretty good to know that many people like your work enough to post pictures to drum up business 

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Dr J
same thing

Here in Kamloops there is a guy who took a 3 day course with a reputable manufacturer. He does TV adds, He Mails out flyers, all with lots of pictures of work done by others. He has 3 jobs under his belt!!!!!! I have seen the basic knock down toppings he has done and they are nice, but the work pictures he advertises with are very high end and highly skilled productions. He is given these advertising mediums from his distributor, and by the way he presents himself it gives the "appearance" that he has done this work. I have spoken with some clients who he also has done estimates for and they are under the impression that the flyers he left them are his work. I send potential clients to websites to get colour ideas and such but never mislead them as to what I can do or what I have done for work. I have plenty around town they can go and see. So these type of things usually work themselves out given time but it can be frustrating to lose a few jobs to people who have been misinformed, but if that is the way a person conducts his advertising, then his traits will also show in his work and his warranties and his reputation.